After…before… the happy cat

I imagine myself
after many springs,
sit in a same chair
listen to the garden,
the rose bushes,
air murmurs
under soft petals’ ears.
The stream of new
flows in
undiscovered moments,
love happily blooms.

How quietly
all faded away
vanished in depth
of the garden,
when silence entered
into the unwashed
secret path
behind calm palm trees.

A stone, a bird, a flower pot,
the sameness of time
in repeated song,
Fulfilment of each fate,
Across the breeze of night.

My words,
return emptier than ever
A hole inside their buds,
monuments built
brick by brick
in dark silence.

A fence
covered in geraniums,
a passage for a happy cat,
Jump over,
Enter the garden,
chase the butterflies,
lie down, stretch
under a shimmering sun.
Feel the affection,
fall in sleep,

I imagine myself
Before many springs,
play a drum,
sing riddles,
dance soundless
on moist soil of earth,
and listen how quietly
garden grows,
roses blossom over the rainbow,
trees change their cloths,
Birds celebrate
the rebirth of earth
and the happy cat,
yawn in her little sleep.

© Serena Devi, April 2011

2 responses to “After…before… the happy cat”

  1. dear and divine ram… echo of silence…. beauty in soundless…in deep gratitude…love all

  2. dear and divine Serena….. silence appears word disappears….beautiful….love all.

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