The quest

Your faith is the cage,
My heart lives and plays,
New seasons makes
me going within,
seeking the deeper truth.

I am no dove or sparrow,
My nest is beyond
Time and high mountains.
I live close to morning sun,
Wind is the sensual force,
under my wings.

I am an eagle,
Returning to dust,
Yet grateful
For every chance I got
To be true to power of my wings.

Death smiles in each peak
Reminds me of how fragile
being is,
How precious , highs and lows are,
in perfect dive,
inside the unknown.

I am an eagle,
Freedom is the cage
I choose to reside,
lose everything else.
Feel the cool night
and dream,
embark on my quest.

Far beneath the waters,
The new things rise,
I could see, only,
What I meant to know…
Apart from that,
The rest of my life
Stays in prison of faith.

I am the eagle,
Finding my truth
Facing the spirit,
In challenge and in peace,
While the remaining
turn into dust,
vanish into a myth.
My spirit fly happy
into the mystery.

© Serena Devi, April 2011

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