A beautiful girl…another me

I would love to live,
In a different me,
Like a quiet stream,
Hold my inner child,
And swim in eternal dream.

Fall into the ocean’s tide
Follow the rhythm of heart,
Journey below the surface,
Unfold the unturned psyche
At the edge of light,
Make a peace
with a shadow within.

I would love to live
And learn from pain,
Grow beyond my beliefs
And create a different me,
A living love,
Beyond ideas
even dreams.

A beautiful girl,
Through years,
Look into the mirror
And see…
What does she see?
The existence, the changes, the journey in time
and arrival out of time.

The lines telling her,
The importance of love,
The absent of peace,
Many stories of the restless nights,
Prayers to God,
For a deeper intimacy.
Desire to be
another beautiful she.

I am she,
The older version,
The wiser one,
Pain carved
many lessons on my face,
and yet
my smile
is a messenger of light,
and my eyes,
shows my naked soul.

So at the end,
It didn’t really matter
If I am found dead
In fields of light.

I made myself beautiful,
Through pain and joy,
I stayed with faith,
Lines did change my face,
But my heart always
stayed in stream of life,
In holiness of love,
Silently surrender.
Here it comes,
my end.

© Serena Devi, April 2011

2 responses to “A beautiful girl…another me”

  1. dear ram…a vessel opened up. all emotions, thoughts wisdom, love flow from here…I wonder if my flesh will survise such a closeness… might never return from his silence…..please hold me in your love and prayers… love all

  2. dear and divine serena…. so silent …so much beauty…just like God….
    love all…

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