No earth, no sky

To all unborn children

I told my daughter
“take it easy”,
Do not rush
to live less or more,
what it is.,

I am not sure
if she decided
not to be born,
it was my choice.

She left her friend,
Inside my womb,
Every turn,
His blade
cuts the untrue,
I cry hard,
and every time
I feel angels
touching my soul.

My daughter
is somewhere else,
No earth, no sky,
No one knows
she existed once,
for a few tiny weeks
Inside my truth,
She and I

I didn’t see her face,
or touched her skin,
We watched
many sunrises together.
Many nights,
Before I decide for her,
to live or die,
We shared
our joy and pain,
In laugh and cry.

the secret breath
inside the wound,
healing comes.

They are times,
I look into my soul,
Ask for forgiveness,
Away from earth,
from sky,
I kneel in pain,
Wish the impossible,
My humaness
fertile of shame,
thorns apart,
Anytime I desire
To hold her in my arms.

At night,
I dream,
I see a white angel,
lilies in one hand,
and sun in the other,
On a small wave
rises from depth
of my dreams,
leaves a pearl
in shape of love,
in hollow of my palm.
I know then,
We are always one,
We are sharing
the same dream.

No earth, no sky,
Me, eternal,
She, eternal,
Fusion with
in God.

© Serena Devi, April 2011

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