The eternal caravan

At dawn,
The gatekeeper of east
the chamber of love.

The caravan,
the merchants,
Camels chained
to a floating path,
One by one,
Come from transparent sky
From warmth of the sun,
To fertile earth.

Through the open gates,
The music plays,
Come with us
and sit in bloomy garden.

Soul is in a middle,
Making the supper
Reason is out,
seeking a shade,
And heart joyful,
carefree plays
With the beloved’s
threads of hair.

Peace is the
guest of honor,
all lovers are invited
To be alone with God,
To feel
the power of soul,
leap and join,
move like storms,
Rest in tides.

The red in sky,
Guides the eyes
to the rising sun,
The eternal caravan
is here.

and you be swept away
To beloved
ocean of love.

© Serena Devi, April 2011

2 responses to “The eternal caravan”

  1. Yes, all in one… one in all…thank you dear ram…

  2. dear and divine Serena…. God is ocean of love….a drop in the ocean becomes ocean only… all…

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