I have returned from all roads

You sing to me
Deep and soft,
Your radiance,
pull me close,
lost in silence
eyes see,
Only your face,
your direction.

I am drowned
In your secret song
My bravery shakes
under your drums,
thunders rise
Inside the globe.
The alliance,
hollow of my navel,
embraces me
like a roots of a tree,
till my breath
return from your void.

End of my travels,
Endless flow of
desires in all directions,
Rest, rest,
Away from roads,
pointed arrows,
Suitcases and charity cloths.

I rearrange
the blood in my veins,
Listen close to sound of drums,
Take off all my belongings,
Get naked,
Weightless and light
Take a shower with you,
at the edge of grace,
Kiss your lips,
silence does miracles!

I have returned from all roads,
End of my travels.
Every night,
I am a star
in your dark sky,
You are beside me,
I am nothing,
But you.

© Serena Devi, April 2011

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