Ocean of your love

without you,
how could I feel love,
know love,
give love…

In middle of my chest,
a butterfly dances
beyond my beating heart.

Being a poet,
living in love,
is her destiny,
her design
is the strength
moving her forward.
Every color on her wings,
Is a reborn rainbow
mirror the innocence of the sky.

Oh, dear god,
I am your fool,
full of love,
drink wine
and whirl in
your endless spiral.

Drunken and
awaken to all.

Pour me more wine,
No one knows,
If ‘ll be here,
for another sip,
this one might
be the last
in my human’s form.

My God, my shams,
I am the boat
never reach
to any shore,
I am
eternal traveler
in your ocean of love.

Me in hell
Me in the heaven of delight,
round and round,
East to west,
north to south,
here to San francisco,
I am the eastern butterfly,
asking the clouds to rain,
asking sun to move my shade
across the earth,
Oh, beloved,
you are my friend,
I am your shade,
A love child
a reborn fish
From two worlds,
jumping high
Into one.

I am a drop
in you ocean of your love,
With you,
I am everyone,
I am awakening
happening in

© Serena Devi, April 2011

2 responses to “Ocean of your love”

  1. I hug you…dear ram… you are a gift of God to Serena …love all

  2. dear and divine Serena……… know one to only one…. love all…..


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