Mermaid and the sea

A girl with a long hair
Walked many bridges,
Met many lovers,
Changes her hair colors,
Kept her heart untouched.

One morning,
In her flower dress,
And brown sandals
She sat next to the sea
Waiting for her lover.

She bit her apple
while sun sat in
her permanent tent.

She opened her long hair,
Allowed the breeze,
Whisper the secret
Behind all her dreams.

She sat there,
Day after night
Waiting for her lover,
Till her hair color
Changed to gray.

One moonlight,
A small wave
Touched her feet,
Her flower dress
Came to life.

She transformed
to a mermaid,
Dived deep,
The dark blue sea embraced
Her small frame.

Her heart was touched,
By thousands
shiny bubbles of love,
Moonlight kissed her face,
Her heart exceeded
in all direction.

She disappeared
in deep dark silent sea.

No late, no soon
she waits for no one.

© Serena Devi, April 2011

2 responses to “Mermaid and the sea”

  1. tears came to my eyes, when I read these words… how well God knows his creation…touching my heart through wisdom and love of ram…. in deep gratitude for having a soul friend like you…love all

  2. dear and divine Serena …. Till her hair color
    Changed to gray……g ray….to God’s ray…..

    God awaits at the door for dear Serena….normally people go inside….come outside….where is God ?….not realizing the holder of the open door is God….

    love all.

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