Timeless afternoon

No one is here,

Bring the smell
of baked bread,
The fresh herbs,
The rest in
timeless afternoon,
The nap
Under a willow tree,
The permanent sameness
Of the shades.

The playful sun
Holds the plate
Full of grapes.

Apple trees
To give.

Nectar never
the same.

The opening
timeless afternoon,
the grand father’s old house,
fruit trees,
the little pond,
the red fish
The cat with closed eyes,
under the shade,
to jump.

Pour my glass,
Mint tea,
taste fresh
beyond my throat,
the voice is gone.

And your hands
Moving inside my tights
While clouds dancing
Above all.

Fine things in life,
Are simple,
free and kind.

No need
for a luxury package.
Red of pomegranate,
Green of tree,
The sunflower,
The smell of bread
Is enough.

Afternoon is open
To receive us,
Trees are waiting
To give their shade.

No one is here.
Bring everything,
bring love.

Timelss afternoon,
is all we got.

© Serena Devi, May 2011

2 responses to “Timeless afternoon”

  1. home, sweet home…beloved’s lap….love all

  2. dear and divine Serena……beautiful …

    Fine things in life,
    Are simple,
    free and kind.

    timeless afternoon …..a nap ….in the lap of kind God…..

    love all…

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