Bloom in rain

Future rushes us,
While past
Pulls our hair back.

sits still,
with smile,
wasted tries.

How long more
Is left,
In the game of mind,
pushed and pulled,
in all directions,
Before one realize
Now, is where,
We always are.

We are not our mind,
There is no line,
or time.

Step out of planning,
how the northern wind
Blows a pipe.
How earth breathe
Beneath your feet.

The petals of a rose,
The adventurous bee,
Taste the honey,
Feel the breeze,
Be alive.

Don’t cover your heart
With anything.
Stay in now,
Trust in now,
How wind
Brings your leafs
In whirl,
How nakedness
The innocence
under your skin…
How love

Falls from nowhere,
In no time.
Is a meeting place,
To begin, to end,
To embrace love,
To let mind falls in silence
and the line disappears.

Trust in now,
let heaven appears,
unveil your heart
in each breath.

Infinity is
our birth right,
moment to moment,
bloom in rain,
in fullness of love.

© Serena Devi, May 2011

2 responses to “Bloom in rain”

  1. with no senses of self… only the beauty, softness of petals speaks of the rose and love in her….thank you my dear ram… for being who you are and the innocence of your eyes…love you…love all

  2. dear and divine Serena…..

    when oneness happens…..bliss rain happens …..and nature dance divine with fullness of love…just for you

    love all…

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