Sunrise lovers

To Snooky

A ripped pear,
A glass of milk,
Spoonful of honey,
Scattered almonds,
The goddess’s drink.

The woman leaning against the time,
hands changing the glasses,
sky paints her face.
Does she prefer the drink
her lover’s kisses?

The endless choices,
Gray dreamy clouds,
Must Stop
Closer to the words of her heart,
She yearn to be held.

Does loving god
she would never meet
the love of her life again?

Is she closer to her end
Or is it just,
a passing phase?

Love suffocates,
Sometimes softly,
Sometimes hard.
To die from
Longing and burning
Is a freedom
To stay in love.
when silence
the only reply.

The whiteness of a new day,
The chosen death of the night,
The return of nightingale
San Francisco bay,
The golden gate bridge,
Lovers hand in hand
watching dawn.

A new place,
where pain could enter,
take them to different paths,
change them to strangers,
City by a sea,
surrender by gray mountains.
In all the pieces of their shame,
Love entered,
Conquered their destines.

One, here,
The other, there (wherever it means),
in love with God ( however it appears).

Between tears and sighs
She drank.

The hummingbird cried…be forever,
And that means,
God – spend their lives
however you wish.

© Serena Devi, May 2011

2 responses to “Sunrise lovers”

  1. Hi Riderreal! thanks and nice to see you again…x

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