A quiet ebb

Who am I, to you?
The woman kneeled
on a stone,
In the centre of your sea,
Wanting to be of use,
Wanting to be whole,
Wanting to be drop of rain,
Wanting her longing ripens
in your garden of love.

The house inside her heart
Is huge,
All that resides,
is wanting you.

Now and then,
your fragrance
swings the doors,
to what lives inside her.
The wind blows the flames,
Dark expands inside the house,
Welcome your entrance.
Before dawn
Carries her
to the city made by clouds,
Frees her from
the longing inside.

Who am I, to you?
In repeated prayers, in words,
In silence, in tears,
I long, I want.
I want to rush toward you,
In the wave of ocean,
in the wind of east,
I want to be dust ,
Be mould again,
Small, soft, unshaped me,
Return to innocence,
I want your tide moves
my quiet ebb.

Don’t you sense me?
The restless woman
Breathless in your passion,
Ready to break,
To make more space
For what turns
the wheel within.

My longing,
is the voice of
your wanting…

I lived in many forms of wanting,
New houses, new cloths,
Next lover, next job,
Another year, another day,
another me!
Never stops… never satisfied.

Wanting you,
Is my satisfaction.
keeps me alert,
Makes me dig deeper,
within my own heart,
To weep, to cry
when my thoughts
are completely gone,
I even feel joy!

You, wanting me,
Is my whole life.
Changes me to nothing,
The more you want me,
The more I lose myself,
Long to become soft,
Between your fingers.

In my huge house,
All I hear,
Is your footsteps,
expands in my dark,
my soundless wings
echoes in your white,
in no color.

Your wholeness cascades
In many forms,
In everything,
What is quiet,
What is gone,
my sense of self!

when door swings,
All falls in silence,
your murmur,
next to my ear,
I feel your hands,
rub my skin.
I stop breathing,
So I could hear
Your breath of wanting
On my face.

Your streams
my travel,
your dreams,
my riddle.

However often
I get lost in my thoughts,
However often
I fall out of the stream of love,
I know, you will come,
To hold my dark drops of rain,
In hallow of your hands.
You will come,
So I will say no more words,
Become a quiet ebb.

You will seal my lips
With your passionate kiss,
Time trembles,
Breaks in bobbles,
Tide moves
My ebbs
To your current,
While your passion
Widens in me,
Turn to turn.

Love carries
My quiet ebbs
To your open sea,
to lie in silence
and last forever.

© Serena Devi, May 2011

3 responses to “A quiet ebb”

  1. Dear ram …divine… words are powerful but what comes from pure heart is beyond words… your love and wisdom always felt …always welcomed… and Serena is a child of God …wandering on earth and long for her best friend to come and play with her… I am not always taste the eternal… you are my witness…but those moments that I fall in oneness… love speaks in my place… and dear ram… you see my truth and that trembles my heart and I fall deeper in love with you, with God…with all…. so grateful for all of your teaching and endless love in you….Serena

  2. please add friend …God is our childhood friend……

  3. dear and divine Serena….you inspire my god to speak and steno ram to write…..with spelling mistakes….God is kind to over look the mistakes…..

    God is our childhood and recognise us with vibrational frequency of timeless oneness which know from our childhood time till the age of 3 years that is why we have no memory…..and everyday we all taste that timelessness in our deep or slumber sleep….so we all know taste of God….and our whole journey of life is to find that eternal taste …..so be a innocent child inside…let God drive our life car……enjoy as a child inside this beautiful life on beautiful earth…….people say the enlightenment is not to come in human form again…..in my view the enlightenment is to come again and again for million more life to drink beauty of God …breath to breath…like what ever we eat body makes blood only….so let your body and soul in oneness mirror God in every thing you do….breath in love….breath out happiness…true enlightenment breath to breath….love all.

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