The seasons in the heart

Heart is a place
like the earth
with passing seasons,
and drums,

All colors vanish in winter,
All reduced to nothing,
Life hides in the tent of white,
Land waits in time,
Emptying the past…
Retires within.

In spring,
green is the mother of all,
Magic dances
beautiful and rich,
free, on top of the mountains.
Flowers bloom everywhere,
from the rumi’s alley
in the east
To the union street
in the west.

Trees are covered
with mighty leaves,
blue sky
Exchange kisses
with lips of winds.
Heart is on
the edge of love.

The streams are full
Of ripen fruits,
happy children,
Sun is hot and passionate,
shade is quiet
and welcoming,
a runaway place
For lovers,
To drink wine and
moment to moment.

Passion tastes sweet
and endless,
like summer nights.
Thirsty bites on
the open flesh of melon,
juice is free,
and orange seeds
the happiness of giving.

But it is the autumn,
I love.
The harvest time,
The homecoming of
missing seeds,
Through darkness
and silence
to surface.
The fertility of earth,
Yields its fruitfulness
to renew the promise
With life
and all that
comes with it.

Beauty gathers
After many attempts,
we call that

After making love
with many lovers,
heart finally finds
the true face of love.

the silent companion,
opens up the door
To unveil
the greatest mystery
of creation,
Love within
the human soul.

The inner harvest,
Enfolds the journey,
Mind, body, spirit,
Through growth,
fears and resistance,
we recognize
the speed of time,
the fragility of life
As we continue
our walk on earth.

We come to understand
The path to happiness
starts inside our
own hearts,
facing all seasons,
without flutter,
what is inside.

Harvest time
is the closest
To be with God,
To swim in
ocean of all unexpected,
and be guided
by the soul
pass through
inner landscapes,
behind hills of love,
streams of compassion,
forests of joy
and valleys of fulfillment.

Happiness resides
in love.
all seasons
© Serena Devi, May 2011

7 responses to “The seasons in the heart”

  1. many thanks for your lovely comment, glad that you like it… all the best ….Serena

  2. This is lovely!! I love it!!! Really quite an interesting piece of work!!

  3. Thank you. Yes, I’m OK. I have some new photos )))

  4. and a pleasure to see you back here… hope all is well …any new photos? love all

  5. Excellent as always )

  6. dear and devine ram… your presence is a gift of divine… thank you for your kind words….love all

  7. dear and divine Serena….. truly beautiful…

    Happiness resides
    in love.
    all seasons

    love all…

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