Flock of larks…

Flock of larks migrate
to new horizons,
every season.
Just before fly,
Something opens up,
Comes from nowhere
Like an invisible clock,
Tick, tuck, tick, tuck.
In a formless life,
Fly, fly.

There is a knowing in nature
Pounds and creates,
sometimes soundless,
other times ruthless and unjustified.
It could shake, break
Or make something phenomenon
Like earth.

Nature flows within its’ laws
It bends, when it is the time,
It grows, when the sun is out.

Where you are,
In your superior human form,
Having conversation with self,
How to improve nature,
for your benefits!
You refuse to see,
Anything that reminds
Of your connection with nature.

you play a role of an orphan,
after finding the gold mine
and reclaim his inheritance…
but not the lost love of his parents.

Your senses die eventually
in flames of your egoism
In your to do list,
to rule the world.

Your existence shrinks
As small as a glass jar,
As large as your mental state.
You get lost in your own creation,
Separated from nature,
Life stops moving up in the ladder of your breath,
You tremble while you building walls around,
You lock yourself in, (In what?)
Fear, despair, loneliness,
To feel safe and yet
you lock the world of love out.
All you create
is pain and sorrow
Within your heart and soul.
Why, human needs to feel superior?
To let all of his attention falls
On a tiny little iphone
And how many times it rings,
How many messages are inbox.
control, control.

Larks get excited easy,
A new wind is enough,
Sun always shines in their sky.
you are lost in your mental images,
Captured between your created walls.
You are lonely,
inside your golden pond,
you life is dry.

Nature is calling you,
every day
With her sunshine, rose gardens,
And silent waterfalls.

Stay still,
Be saved
By the invisible clock,
Open up to your breath,
find your flock
Be a lark
And let
The nature
do the rest.

© Serena Devi, May 2011

2 responses to “Flock of larks…”

  1. deep gratitide and love…to ram…my friend and teacher…. love all

  2. dear and divine Serena…..

    Stay still,
    Be saved
    By the invisible clock,
    Open up to your breath,
    find your flock
    Be a lark
    And let
    The nature
    do the rest.

    today after reading your poem wrote….last word of a enlightened mother…..with tears …of love and joy for you….love all..


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