Make a pearl

Many of them,
Fall away,
But out of them,
One dares to dream,
occurs spontaneously in the wild.
Playful and carefree,
Smooth and round
Shaped in many layers of light,
accepts the destiny ahead,
moves gently away from the sea,
follows the signs,
join the stream.

Her pace quicken by the tides
Touched by the gods,
Her shell breaks away,
Her skin resonates
The hero inside.

Like a bright light
Cast by the full moon
She renews herself.
In new directions
She removes darker layers,
Entering in the subtle world
Embraces uncertainty,
Endeavor her nature
Her beauty unfolds.
A crystal clear pearl,
Is a rear gem.

She knows
The bliss of being,
Pearl making is done.
She is the pearl of her life.

© Serena Devi, May 2011

2 responses to “Make a pearl”

  1. dear ram… the space holds my silence…. I meet you every day there with smile and deep love…. God bless

  2. dear and divine Serena…. ear rings with pearl of love… silent so serene…….love all.

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