Who spilled the milk?

The world is anxious,
Man hesitates
between pondering choices,
The cloth wire
with many hanged options,
none fit to cover his doubts.

In mornings,
sky asks,
How long more
the clouds wander
In my river.
At nights,
Sky listens
to the dark night,
Untroubled by time demands.

A little robin,
Look at his blue,
red feathers
Sigh, in confusion,
Shall I stay or fly,
What happens to my feathers
Somewhere else.

A white dog,
in a storm,
barks outside.
The anxious cat
jumps from the stole
Breaks the jug,
Spill the milk
all over the floor.
The frightened maid,
With two hands,
Lift the cat,
throw her into the stove.
Gladly the flames were gone!

Who will clean the stains,
While the blamer chase the storm?

The house gets quiet
Just the outside sounds.

The world is anxious,
To stay and blame
to move on
with the change,
Clean the floor,
For all that comes
after cats, dogs and storms.

For a cream after a milk,
For a calm maid
for a life …
anxious free!

© Serena Devi, June 2011

2 responses to “Who spilled the milk?”

  1. kind and wonderful ram…. blessing to you…to all

  2. dear and divine Serena ….. truly beautiful….love all.

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