I am love

Pondering starts
in vastness of space,
to its coming shape.
Follows its nature.

I am a stone,
I am a wave,
I am a flying bird.

I vibrate,
And connect,
What words are helpless
to create
Between two hearts,
I breathe and manifest.

I am an unfinished road
to endless silent steps.

I am the most difficult
Question of mankind,
I come,
everything glows,
I touch,
life begins.
I blossom and
the world dance,

My smile is a fire,
and my embrace
The patient kindness.

I am the unknown,
unshaped energy
wanted by all,
feared by many,
I come silently
But my vibration,
shake, destroy, create
and change it all.
I am love.

© Serena Devi, June 2011

3 responses to “I am love”

  1. Nice Trace of Love!

  2. Thank you dear and divine ram….I am love so is God.

    love is silent, love is the language of God…love all

  3. dear and divine Serena ….. I am love so is God…. and God loves all…….

    love all……

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