The goddess

The Goddess is here,
Mother of all,
Queen of heavens,
Keeper of the skies,
Sun emerges from her womb,
Moon from her breasts.

Goddess in me,
Is swift
shape shifter,
From creator to destroyer
From death to life,
her leopard skin changes,
So is the fate of all.

Mirth, love and sensuality
Embodies many side of her existence,
She sustains in love
And her power grows,
In eternal.

Into the deep night,
Into the darken landscapes
of the underworld
the journey begins.

Facing the inner self
Facing with courage,
To solve all riddles
Is the power
that unlocks
the lock of mind.
Open the doors
To all mysteries of Light,
To know the Soul,
and be One.

Is the womb of Now.
The creative living
Is the birth of
the goddess inside.
The creator
of all possibilites,
the shift shaper
in dance, in change
sustains in love.
This is the fate of all!

© Serena Devi, June 2011

2 responses to “The goddess”

  1. Welcome Mike and thank you for your kind comment, it is a joy in sharing, please kindly note the origin and the poet 😉 name… all the best ~ Serena ~

  2. Thanks for the insirational pic and poem. I hope you don’t mind I shared it with my group, Hellenismos Aionios.

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