The gift

You came to me,
In a middle of night,
With your warm embrace
And sexy eyes…
All night, we made love
And all I heard
was my own breath
Catching up with
your tiger within,
and yet melt in your
tender touch of quietness.

You were gone before dawn,
And as always,
left me a gift.

This morning,
I woke up,
Serener, than ever,
Bed was empty and warm
And garden
full of your fragrance,
I felt a soft presence
Inside my roots,
Risen from nothing
And by the time,
it expanded
and covered me in
its bobble of energy,
It became everything.

first I thought
I am next to your gift,
After a long silence,
Came laugh,
I understood,
I am the gift.

© Serena Devi, June 2011

2 responses to “The gift”

  1. thank you my friend… peace and joy be with you

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