Dance of joy

My home,
Is tidy, simple
and without walls.

I sleep peacefully,
Under the shade or sun
Knowing my faith
Holds me in abundant universe
In fullness, in wholeness.

I bite the pomegranate
grateful to its endless juice.
Knowing all tastes begins, ends,
And I still continue.

The garden sits on high hills,
Closer to sun,
All horizons, all verticals,
Offer birds
the experience
of the boundless sky.

To wash their wings
in different fragrances,
To learn
the new ways of fly.

My home is
friends’ meeting room
Flowers, butterflies,
thirsty guests,
all are welcome.

The nectar
tastes like nothing else,
For thirsty lips
It is the God’s wine.

Friday evening,
we make kebab
We share our bread.
Under silent willow trees,
We listen to Rumi,
While the music plays,
We gather in a full circle,
In sema,
in dance of joy.

Summer time,
We share the stars,
under ultramarine tent of sky,
We feast and celebrate,
honor life
in all facets,
all forms,
on earth and beyond.

Freedom is
the mayor of our town,
welcoming all adventurers
seekers of the truth.

And joy,
The golden bridge,
Connecting all roads,
in a middles of our islands,
Shines, sparks
like a jewel.

There are no borders,
no lack of land,
or falling rain.

My home is
the house of abundance,
The town name is “heaven”,
The kingdom called “Love”,
And the planet
is eternal.

© Serena Devi, June 2011

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