No matter at what stage of love and consciousness we are at… there are times that we long deeply and painfully to be held by beloved… I do believe all paths will take us home to be united with God, however path of love is the most challenging and yet the most beautiful one…. I live and keep my heart at my palms… and my share of joy or pain doesn’t matter when in result of burning…it creates beauty…” thank you Serena

I couldn’t live without them.

Sadness is here,
Tears running
I can’t wipe them away,
Every one of them should live
Its purpose.
I don’t know,
when they start or finish,
No longer understand their reasoning
Or their raw emotions.

They come at dark nights,
When awareness sleeps
and secret wounds
come out from the hide.
even they dare
to show up
before day begins.

Tears have roots
In secret places,
And long arrows
To aim the heart.

My eyes without them,
Is like a sky
without a rainbow,
and yet,
I must face the storm,

They water my soul,
And monsoon is the only season,
they know.
People say,
what is sow in tears,
Ripen in joy,
My unmoved stare
waiting in the vastness of life
how much I believe, it is true.

Night is a magical time,
To make love,
Even with a dream.
Strangers dare
to encounter
without a mask,
To open all windows,
To their heart,
Where silently
love paints
their stony faces
with a soft red rose.

Then the time comes
For my salty lips,
Moist with tears
open up,
and shamelessly ask,
to be kissed,
to be hold.

And more of tears,
To come,
When the lover is absent,
and hunger is caged
like a wild tiger,
inside the heart,
scratching its walls,
Crying to be fed,
Ask to be loved.
And silent
is all she gets.

After all,
however long the night,
The dawn will break
Into a new day,
Before the first ray of sun,
The tear drops stop
And little sparrows start
something must change.

I look into the mirror
Wash my face,
comb my hair,
Longing still craves for
My lovers’ hands
on my curves,
For his breath
behind my neck.

I don’t know,
if he ever comes back,
If I see the day,
I laugh more than I cry,
But I hope, I will.

Tears have a purpose to serve,
So, I pray quietly
Behind closed doors,
With a candlelight,
pen and a piece of paper.

I let my tears fall
my dry, shy salty lips
still hoping
to be kissed…
But myself
I gradually
fade away,
Like a memory,
That never exist.

© Serena Devi, June 2011

6 responses to “Tears”

  1. thank you my dear… glad that you liked it….I wrote it in tears… but soul is amazing …seems tears are blessing that clears and brings its purity out… many thanks for being such a wonderful friend here at wordpress ….love all

  2. Our tears are going from our souls.
    Dear Serena it was very beautiful poem…

  3. Dear ram… dear teacher and friend …I am truly glad you liked it… it comes from depth where ever it is …in my place on earth….love all x

  4. Dear and divine Serena…… tear = truth ear…….signs of truth …..yoga is a science to become truthful to our own soul….. and truth is appearing in your silence…….beautiful poem…..

    love all.

  5. Hi GD….glad you liked it…. life is an opportunity to feel and experience everything…. I will check your blog…thanks for the link….all the best

  6. Great poem, evocative prose. And I absolutely agree. Sadness has its place and purpose in life; without it you might as well be a robot.

    My writing blog: http://shelleddreams.wordpress.com/

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