Chocolate fudge

Who can tell,
How far a mind travels
Before heart screams,
You can’t go far,
Without me!

Believer inside frowns,
Tell heart
stay in silence,
let me be the superior.

There is a world out there
Full of danger,
Will come to you
With a ruthless hunger
That could not see you
A hunt,
A means to an end.

Heart fell quiet
behind her fragile beats,
Crippled by fears,
She locked herself in
To keep the danger out.

Years passed
Mind dragged her
From here to there,
No place seemed right,
Loneliness was everywhere.

For a long time,
Seagulls cried,
“Human, human,”
Do not confuse
Your free spirit
with shadow of the earth.
Blue tides are coming,
Have faith
to uncertain waves
see, the joy of flight,
How we throw caution into the wind
and dance our lives.

Something warm,
Dangerously seductive
Unnamed and yet familiar
Found a way inside
the heart walls,
Melted everything.
Delicious soft chocolate,
Heart’s lips surrendered
To its heavenly taste.

What seemed the danger,
Heated up
the whole heart.
Nothing was
left to be saved
Bliss or danger.

High fly seagulls,
Know the sameness of
all waters
Their soundless dance
carry their joy,
no matter, a bay, a lake,
an ocean or just a pond.

Free mind
what seems passing
through heart
is the traveler
returning home.

It is the soul,
The rest is
chocolate fudge.

© Serena Devi, June 2011

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