Surf, delve, into vastness

Our stories
Short or long,
Have expiry date.
After that,
we must recycle the products,
give back the wastes,
keep the essence.
face the wave,
surf the change.

Some people,
Look out of the window,
convincing themselves,
this is our share of sky!
While vastness invites them
to explore the unlimited
joy of flow.
To meet the waves,
surrender to act,
into vastness,
meet the soul.
Become one
with the ocean,
with the waves.

Welcome the changes
Play different roles,
free of the issue
and expiry dates,
Move with the flow.

Just be a taste,
or smell
be a yellow,
purple or a white rose.

Be eternal,
And witness
The God’s joy.

© Serena Devi, June 2011

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