I won’t return to anywhere, without you…

~To my twinsoul ~
Day begins
In an ordinary way,
City wakes up
With a sound of a broom,
followed by
anxious people steps.

My heart wakes up
In dream of you,
There is a stream
Full of wanting
Flow in my veins.
My poems are
not strong enough
To carry the ache
inside my pen.

Miles apart,
and yet,
the waves of my longing
want to reach,
touch your sandy shores.
I hear Seagulls,
Be patient, be patient,
But sorrow pours
into jar of my heart,
and immigrant butterflies,
depart the tent of love
to unknown.

At school,
I never learnt how to wait!!!
My homework book was full
of occupational lists
image of a happy life,
I lost the moon
there and then.
Took many self-development courses
to realise
love is all I want.

The more I want
The deeper loves’ thorns
Hurt me,
burn me,
so I create more beauty,
Free more butterflies
to stay close
to blue sky,
to your love.
Beneath my faith
every day,
one new wound,
ten new poems,
twenty palm trees.

Silence speaks
Of many unsaid words,
But remedy for my mad heart
Is not in the words,
It is in your hands
That I could rest serene.

I carry the heaviness
Of love,
Like a cross on my back
And I can’t ask
to cut it in half,
or leave it behind,
It is my fate,
To bear what
only I could bear,
that is loving you

No matter,
I am understood or not,
I am staging my own death,

There are days I am pulled
in the thorny forests,
burden is close
light, in faraway,
Tears, my companion,
And wanting you
The sound of my steps.

Someone says,
To life,
To death, to melting snow,
To rainy days,
Someone inside me says,
To pain,
To waiting more,
To hope to hear your voice
To touch your face,
To kiss your lips again…
now or one day soon.

Someone says,
stand up,
wash your tears,
trust the experience,
let love
Melts you in everything.

I close my eyes,
And let shadow of thoughts
Fall on my beating heart,
In your mantra.
In noise or silence,
I cry from bottom of my heart,
I love you, my twin…

I won’t return to anywhere,
Without you.
I won’t choose another destiny,
I stay in the unknowns field,
And let
Heaviness of love
Rains on my fig tree,
Wash my stones,
Even breaks my wings,
but I only grow yellow tulips.

I look inside
into love’s eyes,
Waiting for you,
till eternity,
come, come.

© Serena Devi, July 2011

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