Dream of life

When something begins,
The end never is clear.
Could be a poem,
a love story,
or a dream.

Wherever passion
takes my pen,
I meet life,
With courage,
pass through time,
A bit lighter.
each time
I am closer
To my dream.

Life is a threshold
To know oneself.
To hear longings,
Face the mirror
See the fears
End the disbeliefs,
Let the rest begins.

The world is inside,
The journey is within.
The entry is dark
Painful and full of noises,
those uncomfortable feelings,
we never talk about,
They are all guides
To unlock the rigidness inside,
And let the breeze move in,
life is a mystery.

Before joy arrives,
wholeness appears,
One must cross
The dark lands,
Empty streets in mist,
No sign of a friend or even a dog,
No excuse or distraction,
Just an endless waiting.
Death is everywhere,
And eyes
Empty of faith,
Seek an easy escape.
Don’t give up!

For the lover of truth,
It is the beginning,
Unclear of the next,
Yet free,
how to dance
To cross everything,
And be the God’s dream.

The path,
Calls only brave seers,
To renew their pledge
To life

The path to skies,
Is not visible,
it Starts from the ground
beneath our feet,
Not easy or clear
And yet

* * *

In labyrinth of
my feelings,
there is a burning star
Many springs before,
When Love passed our street
And left me a key,
A mirror,
And a pair of wings.

Since then,
I am unlocked,
Floating in love,
I am a dream.

© Serena Devi, July 2011

4 responses to “Dream of life”

  1. Thank you dear Arvind…

  2. dear and divine ram….

    children skating on ice…laugh and enjoy…. we skate, dance in love…. I hear your laugh …we enjoy being …within self…within each other….I learnt a great deal from your friendship and love…. love all

  3. dear and divine Serena …..

    you live a poem….if heart is there…
    you trace a poem…if mystery is there
    you embrace a poem…..if soul is there…..

    you enjoy a poem ….music of all three is there…

    enjoying in my being……

    Floating in love,
    I am a dream.

    love all.

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