From desert to turquoise ocean

In the heat of desert,
Who sees the shine of gold,
Who seeks an ocean
is heat,
Is unknown.

Is there any water or a tree?
Where is home?
Blue is just a reflection of sky
In my thirsty eyes.
And green,
the soundless waiting
For the next morning light.

In the heart of desert,
sun consider as an enemy,
And cactus,
my best friend.

I crossed many deserts
without knowing,
The mirage was in my mind,
On the surface,
there was no way out.

I dug deep,
Beneath fears and judgments,
To open,
the dry cracks on earth.
To see
The outside of my mind’s box
To see,
The green way of love,
In a middle of nowhere.

In depth of rocks and sands,
I heard the longing of earth,
To be free of a life time cycle,
I dug deep,
To find water,
To meet my soul,
And return to beginning
To rest in peace.

There is no end
In digging,
Earth is round
waterfalls are our rewards.

all deserts are gone,
I am a fish,
swimming free,
the boundless
ocean of turquoise blue.

© Serena Devi, July 2011

© Serena Devi, July 2011

2 responses to “From desert to turquoise ocean”

  1. so true …dear ram… and so easy to be…when one arrives at now…. in zero… thank you for your support and unconditional love…bless all

  2. dear and divine Serena ….. in the middle of nowhere is now here… is the silence which breaks the mirage of mind…….to freedom…and you are fish of freedom ….love all.


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