Open letter to ~S ~

~ Everyday, in everyway I meet you in me, in love. ~
To my beloved ~S~
Your San francisco,
My bay,
Your Presidio,
My Marina.

Loving piers
Before dawn,
Loving seagulls,
Before rest.

I found
a new earth
Step away
from twin peaks,
Where I belong.

You were driving the car
I was watching pelicans,
Playing with your hair.

I left my heart
Under the car’s seat.
Haven’t you find it yet?

Memories are carved
Away from dust
Or playing fate.

I love your San francisco.
I don’t need a reminder
To remember
the moments
I existed in your arms.

Tears have been
my silent companion
your lips sealed mine.

I woke up in fear
That I might
never see you again,
It has been
all, a dream,
Imagined in
one blink an eye.

What is this beating heart,
Calling you,
Day and night
Rain and shine.
I can’t love you,
Or more.

I love you,
Where ever you are,
You are my home.

I am fading away
From the old earth.
I hope,
We meet again,
on a new earth,
To watch sunset
Or far better
To make love.

Grow grapes,
Drink wine,
Write poetry
Give each other
Where ever we want.

By loving you
I fell in love
with myself
each ordinary day,
A bit more.

I learnt,
Love has no end,
In me
Or you.

I am here,
Loving life,
loving you.

See you again
Here or somewhere
in clouds,
Doesn’t change
The permanency
Of depth of love
In my heart.

Your San francisco,
My bay,
belong to love.

© Serena Devi, January 2011

2 responses to “Open letter to ~S ~”

  1. So true… my dear friend… I only wish… we all embrace love… formless or in form… Love all

  2. dear and divine Serena… love is eternal….so beyond time…beautiful expressions
    Your San francisco,
    My bay,
    belong to love.

    and love belongs to all so is San francisco and bay…
    love all..

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