New era, silence

A new era
is on a rise,
Centuries of anxiety,
must end,
before one soul begins.

The thought shivers my heart,
Of what we about to witness,
In time.
How many ending
human race must face,
Before love be found,
Before timeless soul

On Earth, my home,
my land,
I see the ebony fields,
On yellow red,
green leaves,
to men blessed arms,
and divine’s will.

Human’s sweat
Cultivates their destiny,
Plant a new color,
under their skin.

We won’t know,
How it happens,
Or what exactly happens.
New era is on a rise,
Our mouths will be full
With wild raspberry and fresh mint,
Our skin will be washed
by rose nymphs.

The dark sky must open up,
White knights
On the white horses of light
Will ride from the heaven,
With hard and unbreakable swords,
Cut the chains,
Free the human dreams,
End the illusion,
Plant our wings in light,
Give us a taste of no ending happiness.
Freedom is nectar.

In no time
Creation will know each other,
One consciousness,
the house of all.
Borders will disappear from the earth,
The ashes of the old
might cover the eyes of the sun,
hide the silver moonlight,
for a day or two, all earthy time,
The walls between shadow
And light
Will come down.

Happiness will set in one side,
And rise at the other.
Along the rose gardens,
We shall meet the flute player
Our tears will stop,
the love’s breeze
move us closer,
the earth scent
covers our senses,
Between his skilled fingers,
We surrender
to freedom.

We welcome the new era,
we become one song,
The only song,

© Serena Devi, August 2011

One response to “New era, silence”

  1. Great post today! I really enjoyed reading it. Poetry and creative writing is something we all can enjoy. Thanks again for writing this.

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