Home coming

to the myths,
She was a hereon
With no mask
And full pink lips
Ready to bloom
In eternal kiss.

For hundred years
Her heart were captured
like a rose
Inside of a crystal ball,
In waiting,
Petal after petal
to the last fall
For tender touch of her prince.

She keeps repeating,
“I won’t move myself
From this dream,
What is outside? Anyway,
That heaviness of time.”
As winds stare through
the window of her heart,
A daring bird
Crossed the thin line
Between wanting and loving,
to meet
his one true mate.

She keeps repeating
“I will know you
As one know her only beloved
I won’t return to myths,
I won’t leave my crystal ball,
I wait for my prince.”

Between all the lovers,
Yearning to full her thirsty lips
With seductive kiss
She chose to stand alone,
At the cross roads of life
Keep repeating,
He will come,
Who is close to my heart
And knows how to play the strings
T o make love songs.

T o make a garden
Of her last petal
with his tender kiss.

Ah, a deep long sigh
After many verses
in dream of intimacy,
She saw her prince,
In a poet cloth,
Singing her name.
T o end of all cross roads,
After hundred years of myth,
She forgot all words
When he kissed her soft petal
And said
My beautiful,
You finally have come
to home
To me now,
She throw herself
Between his open arms
And weep
And every tear become
an ocean of love
ready to sail
their love verses,
on how homecoming feels

© Serena Devi, Sept 2011