My end of loneliness

It is the knowing
that hurts the most.
Having eyes everywhere
Know it all
they even take place.
Knowing that rises from nowhere
Little by little,
Darkening the ground in front,
Fall after fall,
Who hears me, when I cry?
Dark is the only place
I could breathe,
free of time

I only want few more days,
Few more pages,
To write the final phase
of this long loneliness,
That my heart feels,
When she gives love,

I feel so lonely,
Am I a broken angel
Or a warrior standing in light
rising high?

The silent stone,
Moving along the stream,
Listen to her heart,
Revolves her nearer
to her essence,
after storm or
just a love song.

Ah, I feel so silent,
When god ripens inside,
I know the patterns now.
The habit of longing
Stirs beneath all events,
There is no reason, to use words,
When tears speak of all unsaid,
Unfinished part of me, deep inside.

I feel so lonely after
each encounter,
I offer my naked heart
Soft and endless
Washed in love.
Lucid dream sleeps
on the mystery edge
of the rose petals.
Unaware of how easy
A harsh touch,
Breaks each corner of her petals.

I feel it now,
The painful wound
Where love whispers and
Stars enfold across
the ultramarine sky,
To give, to know, to be.

Maybe they don’t know
the darkness of night,
Or balm of friendship,
Or the silent prayers of me
Who lives quietly beside
The eternal’s tender touch
And all she seeks ,
is another she,
in you, in him.

She is no longer from here,
Hear heart is ripen like an old wine,
Where are those cups
Trusting the space within
To hold on her love…

I feel so lonely,
The overflow of emotions,
pours in my emptiness
while fullness of silence
leaves my broken wings.
Ah, the future is finished,
And knowing is what hurts the most,
The patterns of drama,
leads me to return to my only home..
my end of loneliness
Where I reside in peace.
My own soul.

© Serena Devi, Sept 2011

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