Fiercely longing

A swing
Between all dream,
My mind can’t tell
What path leads to love
I sat and listened to many tales
About how to plant a seed
In another human’s heart
How to wait through
invisible seasons,
For the flower to blossom.
the shape, the softness,
the mystery hidden
behind each petal.
My body longs for closeness
to end of all sounds,
just my lips
moving gently
alongside his rough edges
the beating inside match
my thirst.

Two flowers,
mesmerized in one essence,
how fast,
our color is changing
How slow,
we reach climax,

Behind my heart,
his flower grows,
I don’t know what happens
in my sleeps,
I wake up new every day,
Beside a rainbow
Feeling my human heart
Behind my ribs,
Transforming to
the man of my dream.

I am thinking of you,
Of how I color my scent
To drown you closer,
Another heart inside mine,
That is all I seek,
To feel my own emotions,
To make love
With my own petals…
Longing ,
fiercely longing
for this wind
to move us
in one circle,
when my heart
falls in yours.

And my essence
vibrates inside
and outside of my skin
to reach you
and Your Loving soul
pulling me to you,
through you…

I melt into you
as our lips become as one.
Ah, my lover,
meld with me
into a unity
one soul,
never leave.

© Serena Devi, Sept 2011

2 responses to “Fiercely longing”

  1. to be honest, my own soul is still caged in the experience itself :-)… just wondering of the depth of human’s heart.. .thank you my friend

  2. The power of your expression brings tears to my eyes.
    -from a refreshed soul.

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