Orpheus is free

The overflowing of existence,
Paddling in faraway lakes,
Behind tall oak trees,
Silent breaks
In soundless verses
Of the magician of love.

The young Orpheus
Who charms all living things
Even stones come to dance
With his music,
Is helpless
in front of fate.

He follows his bride’s scent,
his beloved Eurydice
to the underground world.
The copper bell rings
Day after day,
Step after step
closer to face his death,
at the hands of those
who could not hear
his divine music
To retrieve
his beloved wife,
His soul.

From what realm,
Appears love,
And how we measures
The Orpheus’s try,
The magnificent of his heart.
The invisible grace
moving him
Deeper in the underworld
To fulfill his destiny,
Where ancient love breathe,
and where he must die.

Love tears stay there
They bloom, they sing
On Orpheus’s grave
The space,
the winds.

Orpheus is free,
Soft, silky melody of him,
endlessley indulges
in our hearts,
Touching us
between our breasts.
The tenderness
Rises within,
make us equal,
butterflies, flowers, bees,
Eagles or even dragons.
Whenever we hear his songs,
We know,
we are falling in love
and can never leave,
we surrender to love
our soul.
Orpheus lives free
in each one of us,
We are
the magicians of love.

© Serena Devi, Sept 2011

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