Dancing with God

I love you,
I love my beautiful God.
All through years,
It broke my heart,
Little by little
to see his created world
So cold, so inhuman,
Alone and angry.

I only knew one way
To talk about him,
his unconditional love,
to dance in his arms
and fall in him,
on my white pages of Poetry.

I wanted to be who I am,
Only in me,
I could have be with You,
Ignorance and prejudice
Crushed my human bones,
But my soul stood up
with all love you left in her
To be a voice,
To sing your songs,
to dance with You.
I love you beyond words,
I meet you, in all silent ways
And yet, only through
the flames in my heart
I Could rise
to your heaven.

All these years,
I wrote for myself
To be free, to be empty,
So you come and visit,
To let love flows.

Today, I have noticed,
I am long time gone,
The house is yours.
Ah, my true lover,
My Beloved divine,
You are here,
And no tears of mine
No cry of joy,
Could say this one simple word,
‘Thank you”.

© Serena Devi, Sept 2011

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