come and go

Come and go,
Like a drunken wind
Like a blissful rain
Steal my blooming rose,
Steal my heart,
Leave me serenity
Like an antique piece,
Left behind time.

I kneel more deeply
In the soil of love,
To accept, surrender
To all my seasons,
Years of living in pain
are the seeds
Of new coming years
of joy.

I listen to your silence,
I meet you in invisible.
I leave the window open,
for your velvet touch,
for the visitor doves of heaven.

I listen
To soundless grow of you,
Inside my emptiness,
Your wholeness
Above, below, around
My tiny existence,
in all shapes and facets.

I sense you,
In greatness of space
Inside my castle.
And Grace,
in her white cloth,
Between colorful chambers,
throw her crystal ball
laughs and sings
carefree of what happens

With silence of the stars,
With darkness of night,
My senses enfold
in embracing hours
That I wait for you,
to come.

When you go,
I stand on the foot of all mountains,
Open my angel wings
And rise beyond limitation,
Every time,
more and more,
higher and higher.
When I get tired
or scared
that I might fall down again,
your hands grab me,
pull me closer
you lips murmur,
your soundless longing
for me,
opens all doors,
takes away all doubt/

Wind blows
And the bloomy rose,

your scent plants
a new one,
in the place of my heart.

come and go,
makes me
a garden full of bloomy roses.

© Serena Devi, Sept 2011

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