A day without rain

In two days time,
I leave a life time behind.
I say good bye
And never turn back.

Who can say,
Why your heart sighs
When one road ends
And another begins.
And yet you know
all roads in the world
Return to your own heart
And rest in love.

I leave behind
The willow tree
In the forgotten garden.
Her silver tears,
Her silent waves
On summer snowflakes,
Behind long green grass
through passage of time.

My river flows,
Move me closer
To find my answers
In me.
To know You better.
How far am I from
My new mornings,
When the sky above my head
Is pure blue
And birds are free
To fly and fall
On golden dreamy tulips.

I leave behind,
All tales,
all the autumn leaves,
One by one,
I say bye to memories.

I am longing to go,
The river takes me,
No silver tears
Or snowflake,
Love melts everything.

I am floating
To the Sun,
To the moon,
To a life without tears,
Where the blue sky dances
With all different sounds and hums
And my pen belongs
only to God.

I can’t change what is over,
where to go.

Short or far,
I follow my heart,
To become who I am
And find out,
Who You are.

This is the day,
I will remember.
As the night leaves,
As the morning sun rises,
I sail away,
In a day without a rain,
Without a cloud
Carry your heart, my shams
In my little boat,
named Love.
I float to Happiness.

Serena Devi, Sept 2011