Eternal union

No urgency
To begin or end,
No desire to open or close
any door or a window,
no knocking,
no entering or leaving.

The house is empty,
Silence is all
That is.
What could I say,
When the flow is so perfect.

My eyes are huge,
His boundless open fields,
His garden of myths,
With no gates or chains.
His aroma fills the air
Whips the passing moments
To cross the bridge of time,
And dissolve in his enternal passion.

Repeated circle of blue
Around the motionless grey clouds,
No waiting for
the next breeze or
the drifitng mist.

I sit here,
With a chest full
of memories of a poet
And yet, none could
Pull a string in me,
To make a sound.

All my knowing,
Rests in his
Silent murmur in my ear,
Breaking all walls
inside out,
my poor heart
stripped and naked,
to his breathe of longing,
his heavenly touch.

My woman is awaken,
Her fire rises with each touch,
Ah, all she could hear
Is the harp player’s song,
On the edge of her life and death,
Pulling her soul out,
Into the light.

Kissing her soft lips,
Awaken all her senses,
Pour wine in her veins,
Beneath her sensuality.
Wind stirs her empty cells,
In a repeated verses
She dances and sings,
“ I love You, my King”
Whirls and turns,
And all she finds
is herself, alone.

The woman in me,
Feels his hands
Caressing her flesh
And her soul pumps
Her red blood
Into his white streams.

Ah, all those little pleasures
He gives,
to prove her,
she does exists!
But all she seeks
Is to receive
his silent forceful
deep within her.
her passive longings,
To meet and be met
In her sacred heart,
soul and flesh.

No more words,
No more limitation,
No tiny pleasures
No begin or end.
Just him,
entering her
endless ecstasy
inside her heart,
the unlived
dreams of paradise
comes to life.

A soundless sigh
Of a woman
In tremendous joy
Of intimacy
In her consumed heart
within fire of love,
Through spasms of
her fertile womb,
She opens up
To receive
the vastness of divine’s love.

Her dazzling silver blue
Makes love,
with his endless
white stream of light.
Orgasms of One,
the soul celebration
in eternal union.

Serena Devi, Sept 2011