A singing bird of heaven

I look at them,
The color fields of tulips,
The tenderness of fate
Shapes the passing wind,
The rise of the morning sun,
The praise of the lonely apple tree
Beside their crowded camp.

Sky stretches his hands
Over the purple vastness
of my needs,
To rest, to shelter
Across the hallow of your earth.

For I am the singing bird
Of heaven,
And through my eyes
You see,
The uncertain feelings
Of the humanity,
In trusting
The spinning Sun.

As a child,
After each dream
I held you close
Like a candy bar.
Beside my pillow
You left a silver star
A dream catcher;
a web full of white feathers.

I knew,
How to trust and love the earth,
Climb up the lonely apple tree
In one breathe of joy.
I knew, how to dance
Without a music,
You showed me all the signs!

I knew you are close,
Yet sometimes,
I believed the lies,
Forgot to listen,
So, I stumbled a lot,
On all sort of grounds!

I fell into the hole of shadow,
Poisoned by fears and doubts,
Full of shame.
I t was there
In all shattered pieces of my soul,
In depth of pain and sorrow,
I found myself back.

Woke up like a serpent
From a long sleep,
beneath the moist soil
of time, uncoiled.

Wilderness started to grow
Calling you,
to come close again.
I raised up,
Taller than tress,
Higher than mountains,
Freer bird, that your sky
Have ever seen.

Ah, you see
through my eyes,
While my thousands pages of poetry,
Paints beauty
of living in love,
On your silent clear canvas of life.

I am a singing bird of heaven,
Moving across
Open fields of colorful tulips,
Serving the earth,
In each song,
Passionate syllables of love,
Writing your name
Over and over
On boundless blue sky,
the spinning Sun.

Before the fullness of void
Opens up
the depth of your darkness
To swallow me,
and my deep husky voice,
back to where I began
Till then,
I shall sing your songs
As no one ever has,
On our beloved earth.

© Serena Devi, Sept 2011