Return to jasmine

Didn’t we once travelled
Full of silence,
Into the dark,
To find and meet love
in each other.

You held my hand
when red poppies
entered the autumn,
and anxious hours
its journey
to a complete death,
and your shadow fell
on our kissing lips.
we relinquished our bodies
Into one stream
of joy and delight.

We came back from funeral of
all passing thoughts
Plant the chestnut tree closer
to unspeakable fence
Of the holy land of love.

I felt the hunger
For juice running
From your silent belly,
Full of seeds,
I tasted the greeting of dew
In your no ending
embrace of love.

I need you now,
like food,
Three to five times a day,
Like a still water, each time,
before and after my dreams.

I cruise the moments
To find the comfortable you,
Seems memory is
the only safe platform,
To embrace and kiss
To make love and know,
I shall be received,
In your daily tasks’ list.

You hands are gone
The strength of longing
Faded away between
Shortcomings of your green leaves
To wrap around my
full breasts of wanting.

Under the moonlight’s
seasonal change,
You grew in a new borders
of the comfortable you!
And I disappeared
In the naggings …
What did you call that;
Ah, yes …
The nagging lacks in me!

Love, love
And the sudden death
Noisy followers
Of the threads of expectation
In and out of
the wanting hearts.

I finally admit,
I don’t know
how to answer
How to ask,
How to be a different me
And stay faithful to your love.
I want to give up
I want to forget you.
Someone else is waiting
behind the sunflowers field,
He will want and cherish my lacks,
He wants to fulfill
My missing parts.
He is not seeking
comfort able feelings,
He is prepare
to burn in flames of love,
Give himself up
To make us happen.

I will meet him,
On a new roads,
To a new adventure,
To a new sky and moonlight,
Ah, all my lacks will be adored,
I will be enough for him.
He won’t be exhausted by my love letters.

He welcomes the springs,
the autumn leaves,
He loves the change
of colours in my eyes,
He laughs and holds me close
When thorny storm begins,
He knows, our hearts together
Is the warmth of our
One home.

Someone else is waiting
For my roots to show up
On his moist soil.

Not in many words,
In my silent way,
My eyes are closed to your dream
Your waves of fragrance
in the street of my waiting,
for a call, for a note,
for a simple jasmine.

Don’t ask why,
I no longer color my hair
With your pages of poetry,
Don’t ask why, I no longer
Walk on your earth.
Your denying,
Little by little
effected my wings,
The flicker died
in your cold draft.

I fast on your food,
I fast on your water,
I fast loving you,
Fall deeper in silence
Away from your shade.

So, through meadows
And oceans,
Become free
like wandering winds,
return to jasmine’s faithful essence,
To every sand of my soul,
To every drop of my rain,
To silent
of love.
© Serena Devi, october 2011