A new beautiful day

~ A new beautiful day ~
I settle back
In a comfortable day,
With a perfect drink
And half opened moon
And a fresh yellow breeze
Of a new season.
To hear
The footsteps of
pedestrian in street,
The soundless drops
Of rain on my half
full memory’s cup.

To witness
How silent sequences
Of repeated wound
Fill the empty space
Between my unexpressed emotions
And white virgin papers.

Your deep eyes move me
Into the quiet corner
Of unsaid question,
Impatient murmur
Of the half opened heart.

“Where have you been?”
When death froze
The obsessions of moving clouds,
Patient grays descended
From crimson sky,
Vanished inside
The black galleries.
Private exhibition
of my mute heart.

The silent pantomime
Turned to be a comic opera
When my fabricated emotions
Burned and buried,
Half of my heart was gone.
The open half
Made a list
To fulfill
The huge empty space
With bubbles and foams
With empty wishes,
I silently froze to a num
Unexpressed victim.
That wasn’t my fate,
Fear sacrificed one half,
And moon captured
the rest in prison of your love.
I was left with none.

I could have created another me,
Or you,
The same blame and claim,
But painful tides are
no longer dare
to reach to my shore.

All I want is
A new beautiful day,
To forget
Many Funerals, endless black cloths,
Covered mirrors,
china glasses made
too much noise,
so much death
for my tiny fragile heart.
I want no more of these.

All passing wounds,
nagging pain,
served me well,
Brought me closer
facing you,
Through the well of earth,
wheel of the sky,
The moon and the sun,
I smell the sandal wood
Count the flying doves
Over pacific highs,
Things return to their original place.
The foam of my ocean,
Kiss and welcome
the feet of your fog
on the edge of love,
dwells in my heart.

My joy grows
Between orange,
red, green and yellow leaves,
Swim in splendor magical
flow of life.

Give me your tender touch,
Your seductive silence,
Your abundant rain,
Wash me in forgetfulness,
Renew our vows
in return to original essence.
All I want
Is all I always have;
Your breath
Next to mine,
To make every day,
A new beautiful day.

© Serena Devi, october 2011