My house of belonging

~ My house of belonging ~
Between the next bite
On my chocolate croissant
And a glance
Through landscape of season,
I make my wine of life.

Each pause in waiting
Plant a new sprout’s seed
Inside the stream of my feelings.
I take a road
And commit
To go over all unreachable bridges
To seek
To find
Where I do belong.
I let my hand’s climb
Over ancient doors
Of the unfelt words.
I let my eyes to wander
Like a small fishing boat
in my ocean of emotion
To catch
Whatever is not mine.
The forgotten ice cubes
Out of the fridge of time
Courage gives new horizons
To the dreamy ones
To walk under the heat of sun,
Reach over
The hot roof top
Of my heart,
Join the white stream of feelings
To unknown.
I go to underworld
Where dreams make me
Who I am,
Something always kicks,
To move me forward
Closer to edge of my feelings.
Happy or sad,
Without getting help from outside.

I choose to watch
The sunset
And the two white doves
Beside the old oak tree.
I hear the innocence
Like a breeze
Inside out,
Reshaping a wood box
Into a love nest
In dept of my heart,
For them
to belong.
Then laugher comes
The echo of my longings
Into a new sigma
On the edge of a new feelings,
In the swing of life
To unfold a new me
To travel to end of each song
And un-root all doubts
To plant
a beautiful me.

My inner-world
Is remodeling
Between all hammering
And noises,
Illusions walls coming down
Silent moves in effortless
Follows the rise of sun
Inside stream of the feelings
To end of each motion
Behind each corner of my heart.
How every image of love
In my life has changed
Its bounderies
To make it fit
To my perception of happiness,
My own making!
How easy I forget
To shift my attention
From the dark crossroads outside
To what wants to take me
To a root in the shadows
Where I sleep walk
In the imaginary black forest of fears
To reclaim my soul.
To let go,
let my legs
choose my house of belonging
and my hands
dance happy
in my eternal freedom.
Joy lives
in open fields of love
In a shade of a lavender,
In a face of a sunflower,
And a softness of sleep
Between random winds
I make my wine of life.

Where I do belong,
Give me the vastness of love,
Give me silence,
Give me God.

The house of my belonging
Is the no ending longing
Of my heart.

© Serena Devi, october 2011