forever “You”

All come
repeating again,
Yearning to be held,
My old scattered dust
on your new golden bridge.

Over flow of my feelings,
In storms, thunders
And the next day silent dawn.

The roads are never empty
Into them,
I met the bitterness,
the hurts,
The letting goes,
I met “the end.”
To find and learn
Nothing happens
Without a seed.
Nothing grows
Without love.

From a long absent,
I came back
With a bag full of pomegranates
To plant my new beginning
Between our hills.
I moved my east
into your west
moving closer,
in each breath.
Longing, chanting, whirling
Smiling at forever “You”.

my deep endless soul
I am returning
With all of me,
To meet our time on earth
In temple of
the sacred union
I pour love
On thirsty corps of wanting,
I keep coming down from sky
To lighten all dark corners,
the unloved part of the red earth
between us.
I chant in silence
To pour the heaven’s paint,
On the landscape of
Our togetherness

I wash the earth leaves,
With showers of my kisses
To tempt your loving lips,
To invent a new kiss.
If by loving you
I am becoming a ghost,
So be it,
I live
in your invisible love.

In you,
I reborn,
Fresh and free
Away from suffering
Fears and tears
I sail my little boat,
In ocean of hope
Toward your calming shores.

Ah, beautiful,
I know,
I am sailing to my end
In “You”.
The closer I approach,
The stronger I smell your scent
I am drunken in opium,
A Splendid way
To renew my vows
In our sacred love.

Can you feel me,
Reaching you,
Can you see me,
Disappearing in you,
The rose comes back
Hopelessly drunk in your love,
In deep quiet with your silence.
She keeps cutting her thorns
repeating her lips
On your holy face,
On your manly hands,
On your ever green eyes.

The golden thread s
Woven in my hair,
The myths, the kingdoms,
The goddesses, the kings,
Unfolds with
your one touch of love.
To you, I come.
In all colorful seasons,
In all whiteness of clouds
In the morning mist.
All songs of the earth,
Knowing to where I belong
With my endless soul,
In wholeness
With all holiness of life
In me,
To receive you,
wave by wave
stone by stone
drop by drop
kiss by kiss.
To meet and be met
Weep and laugh
In your arms,
To sail forever
In your open heart,
In your love.

© Serena Devi, october 2011