Into the morning sun

I wait
Without concluding
The sail of shinning clouds
From dry east to wet west
From tent of night to arch of day.
My eyes stay connected
With all seasons,
All landscapes of love
Where empty spaces flows
In time,
To end all cycles of absent
In fullness of your embrace.

I wait,
Without drawing
A finish line
Between where I end
And others begin.
I wait
Without interrupting
The terror in my heart
When at the supper table,
I sit alone
With just a piece of bread
And a plate full of hope
to kiss your lips again
under the dreamy moonlight,
before my eye lids close.

The fear has pulled me many times
To stormy whirlpools
Hasty waves and nasty thorns
Endless struggle to tame my shadow
That rigid despair to control
What I feel, what I want.

How far ago,
I stopped
From my own dreams
To keep everyone happy and alive,
While my youth died
Before her time
In the desert of doubts.

I wait
To carry my share of lightening
Without striking a tree,
To attend to God’s needs
Without harming anyone
without breaking my own heart.

I wait,
I won’t be here forever
And yet,
forever is all my soul has become.
I wait,
Under the mist of love
Without asking for more or less
Without saying a word
Just a gaze inside my own heart.

I wait,
Under blue boundless sky
In complete trust,
who I imagine at my side
Will appear one day.

I wait,
In my raven heart,
In love,
Without looking back,
Just moving forward
Within my silent being,
Into the morning sun.

In waiting,
I ripen in love,
With all I have learnt,
all I have become
I become a fulfilled
living soul
who has made it all the way
to divine’s shore
in my small boat.
with all my poetry pages
with the rose flowers in my hair,
with my lover beside me
I conclude my journey
out of waiting,
And come home
In peace.

© Serena Devi, october 2011