At the end of my poems
What stands still,
Is my share of happiness,
After a long journey
Away from
burden and a broken heart,
I look into memories
To cherish the sweet magnolia
gazing into my eyes.

I stand still
And shrink to invisible
So, the sun speaks.
Between the taste of basil
and tomato cheese,
I melt in love
and hover in freedom,
Travel beyond this world,
To the world I want.

The extravagant,
fearful me
Fades away
in ordinary days
listen to grow of grass,
The silence between
My thoughts,
I cover my waiting
With another poem,
Another leaf,
Another kiss
On the brave face of winds,
hear the falling waves
courageous seagulls
carry my body, my seeds
to travel beyond this world.
I leave behind
my wordless longings
tenderness of my heart,
in the small pages of poetry
after all hurt and betrayal,
silent is all I become.

I look up to sky,
Fill the air,
With my beautiful dust
Feel the breeze on my back
And make
my final perfect sail
beyond the mirror,
that I was kept prisoned

My book is an open life
one day, Sun,
One day, the blue sky,
One day, Love.
On the perfect day
that I will sail away,
Oh, my beloved God …

© Serena Devi, october 2011