Vintage of love

Chamber after chamber
Heart repeats her song,
The vintage is close,
Red, green, pearly grapes
Waking up,
To a tasteful wine
Green summer ends
In colourful roads of autumn,
Where time speaks of many wonders
Of stillness,
Drop after drop
In bloomy vineyard.
Another year is gone,
And my heart still
Sings love songs.
Many letters were washed
In pain
Only a few came out
Dry and prepare
To face a new song.
My heart will never stops,
Seasons might get bored,
People might leave me alone,
Sky might stays gloomy forever
And ocean never reveals her secret,
But my heart is full of grapes,
Every year, at harvest time,
The ripen fruits fall
love is there
Always with her smile,
Her faith,
Knowing one day
She falls in her beloved arms
Like a ripen grapes
transform to tasteful
magical wine,
The wanderings of water,
Juice or nectar,
In forever now,
Ah… my heart is singing
This is song of love.

Vintage is here,
my lips swing in your valleys,
thirsty for your ripen kisses
mad for your blissful wine,
one look at your face,
my heart trembles
all through seasons,
years to come.

made a temple of my heart,
with many waterfalls,
vine yards
all in shape of your face,
all covered in your golden dust.
one day,
all roads will end into my heart,
carry your aroma,
deliver your presence,
all strangers, friends or lovers
all seekers all welcomed.

The vintage is now
I pour nectar
from my white breasts,
the endless ocean of love
into all seeker’s cups

your ripen wine
will never end
in my vein
even after this year
or the next
I become
your well
of love.
© Serena Devi, October 2011