Remembrance note

On a day
When your feel
all betrayed you,
Let this remembrance hums
Inside your small heart.

Don’t explain yourself,
Don’t reason the threads of life.

Expect nothing
And let the vastness
of your love
Welcomes all.

Pray your yearnings
Fly your poetry pages
On a peaceful lakes
Or dark forests
whatever the wind may choose.

Share your bread
At the harvest time,
Feed the hungry ones
Shelter the homeless ones
Love the unloved ones,
Always respond in balance
Co-create with silence.

Taste all flavors
of your soul,
Feel your emotions,
Recognize the true self
let them go.

Appreciate your senses,
Choose with your heart,
Ending is a part of a change,
And you never can stop
The unfolding of time.
Witness your wounds,
The sorrows of your human form
Sing your song,
Laud and clear,
So His grace can find you,
Trust and know,
you will be found.
Healing comes after
recognition of a soul’s contract
all paths end in his heart.

For sure, no one ever understand your journey
For sure, your only companion is truth
So accept your aloneness
be mature.
For sure, with love and faith,
You travel in no time,
So, leave everything else behind
And keep them close.
Yield to what moves in you,
Surrender to what holds you,
All happenings,
all un-happenings
The world weeping
The world laughing
All are Divine’s wonders,
in womb of creation,
in complete cycle
in perfection.

Sing your song,
like a bird on a tree
like an eagle in a sky,
like a stars at night
like a stream joinging an ocean,
In his silence
You live forever
in oneness,
in ecstasy of
his love.

Keep this remembrance
at your bed side,
you will read it many times
before you know it by heart.

© Serena Devi, November 2011