A Silent force

There is a world
That I love beyond this one,
But the path
Has started from here.
I look into future
To see myself there
all I see is Now.

So many are gone,
So many has come,
People, emotions, thoughts,
all leading my heart
to openness.

Sometimes a traveler
Must trust the road
With no sign
Or a companion,
Nothing as a middle road
For the ones
Who have lost their compass
Or the measurement cups.

Scales no longer could show
The weight of love in them.

They making the journey
As the journey shapes their mold.

It was in November,
When I began mine,
My descending arrival,
Between leafless trees
And muddy tracks,
Crawling to walking.
How I learnt my steps,
My lies, my betrayals,
to my own soul
a simple untrue with every day meal.

And how funny it seems
To go back
In depth of dark
And unlearned
All those steps
To heal those wounds,
To clear my blood from trace of venom.

Can you imagine me?
The innocence behind
My brown eyes,
a smile
that had no preference
in her invites.

I knew, there and then
I came to earth to give love
From bottom of the ocean
To crown of the sky
to whatever rest
breath in between.

It took me a life time
To realize
this November child also
Lives in between!!

Is like a thunder storms
Full of lightening, noise
Life power and suddenly
Comes the silent force.

After heaviness of rain
Earth rests in tranquil light
of quietness
and love does the rest.

I met many storms
My branches broke
And my leaves left me naked,
Love shook the sweetest music
Out of my soul.

A secret path
opened up
Between my empty chambers
Right up to Sun’s valley,
From depth of
ocean to crown of sky,
I flew
And met my beloved.
I am a traveler
of current
Going beyond
in each breath.

On earth,
Every step become my last step
Urge me to complete
the unfinished parts,
To face all storms of my emotions,
To hear the guidance of soul,
Moment to moment

Molding my humanness
In water, stone and love
To nothingness.

To awake
And meet
both worlds
and merge in One.

Rivers, fields, mountains, caves,
Ah even the holy stars
dissolved In the fluid of your love.
Who am I?
This wanderer,
with all her belongings
in two suitcases
And her smile
Standing on the change platforms,
Always ready to leave,
To arrive, to be
Always surrender to current
Never knows where is the next train,
Where is the next stop.
Trusting the music of love
inside her heart.

Between one café to another
She shares her secrets
On white pages of poetry
She hums her yearnings, longings,
Those tiny spaces
Between each sip of coffee
Threshold of
flames of your love
her smile
to a silent force,
like a mature wine
or a thunder storm.

© Serena Devi, November 2011