My Yar, my soul

I begin
Welcoming the new in me,
The unlived,
the unformed
parts of my soul.

my heart is full of offering
my smile,
the red tent of my lips
Shelters my past and future
with the same kindness
that the earth gives to fig trees
and azure sky shares
with flying humming birds.

I begin,
Dancing under the bountiful rain,
And forget the broken shells.
I listen to what rises inside
No more drums,
No hammering,
just silent humming
of love birds.

The day we will meet
In flesh,
We’ll stand
Next to ocean
Under the apple tree,
Where you will kiss me
For the first time,
After many dreams.

I will blush
While your magical lips
Reach down to taste
the virginity of my breast,
I will melt
Between rising flames.

We will travel
beyond this time and place,
aroused with wanting
we make love
in and out of our forms,
a one stream,
a house
we never leave.

I will be tamed
Like an ancient panther,
I rest in your warm bay
like a small seagull.
The dead shells of yesterday
Will turn to dust
When we wrap our arms
and silently make love.

Ah, beloved
How come I am still here
lost in this cosmic loneliness
between huge dark woods,
don’t you feel
the tremble in my heart,
my shaking body,
in endless desire of you.

I am here
Between dream of sky
And this solid red earth.
Prisoned in your wanting,
in waiting.

Are you listening?
To my hums,
The depth of longing inside my clay
Ah, my beloved
Look at my open arms
My inviting eyes,
My moist lips
And my loving heart,
inside this woman
named Serena,
I am full of offering
I want you,
The temple of my heart
Is wide open for your hawk,
Land and bless me
With your endless love,
Bless me,
with your beautiful smile
And I will bloom
in my poetry,
in my heart
In all seasons of eternal life
For all that will come and live
after us.

Who would know
The end of our story,
Unless we begin.
My heart is full of offering,
come to me,
My yar, my king,
my sun, my moon,
my beating heart,
my shimmering soul,
I want you.

© Serena Devi, November 2011