The giver of stars

All morning
resting in this red armchair,
Feeling happy,
Without reason,
Just joy of being,
In love.

drifting away in pulses
inside my roots,
calling you,
and greet my own soul
in arrival to the open gates
of intimacy.

The joy bursts
Inside my womb
embracing me
the stranger who was myself
inside time
is free now.

touch my essence
with your eyes
kiss my lips
with your hunger
We are home now,
I loved you always.

No more echo,
No more images in mirror,
Taste the sweetness of my love,
I am the sugar lump
Dropping in your cup.

I am the stream
Of desire
Tingling inside
your womb’s walls,
Full of wanting
Thirst beyond words
For another you, another me
To be united
To live as One.

Every day
Holds a promise
Of our togetherness
I fall deliberately
in the no space,
in emptiness
to feel more of love,
to believe
This is not another
trick of mind,
You are
no longer a dream
You are the giver of stars,
within my dark blue night.

Inside me is full of urges,
longings of centuries
seeding beneath
the rose of my heart
At the edge
of her eternal bloom.

The little hummingbird
Outside of
the solitary zones
pinching the skin on time
blowing hope
into the unknown night
she sings
to burn deeper
in the flames,
so ashes come
and after ashes
beloved will arrive,
before my next hum.

Before the start
of a new day,
in a moment which
there is no movement
of the wind,
no yearning or
looking beyond,
My soul flickers
And open her welcoming arms
Passion pours out from my heart
As You
walk toward me,
with your perfect smile
in your quiet way
outstretch your heart
to meet mine,
we move
into each other’s arms
like a floating tides
and white sandy shores
fall soundless
on the ground of love,
as one
on a bed of ivory

© Serena Devi, November 2011