To my twin… with all love that breath in my heart

With morning sun
I and ocean
Proclaim the ship of faith
Yield to the wind
Sail to your sacred shores.
I return
In passion of a woman
With a God-heart
Within my human ribs
Upon the impossible hills
To open
What is kept hidden
Between my breasts
To flower
Between your twin rivers
Inside the flames.

Accept my soul
Let my serene heart
Rests inside your chest,
Let my flesh become wild
Under your finger tips touch.
Look through my soul
And see your image.
Ah, I am enchanted bride
Like a cloud in spring.

Take me and know
I am with you, forever.
The lute-player
Pour forth your songs
Into my heart.
Warm me
By your fire.
Love rebels not,
Drop by drop
Hides in silence.
Behold our sacred vows
Never let go of my spirit
You are the love of my lives,
My beloved twin flame.
I am coming home,
To our sacred nest
Let this clay find its end
In depth of
your passionate soul.

No more journey,
I gave up all baggage,
Packing is done.
Kiss my open lips
Soul to soul,
in one place.

My heart is dying
more and more
the beauty fills me inside out
and vulnerability
skins my humanness.

There are two of us,
One flows in stream of love
The other one,
burns in silence.

Let my womanly curves
Embrace your earth,
Before seasons take me back
To handful dust.
Drink from
cup of remembrance,
open your arms
To my weeping heart.

Oh Beloved,
Don’t turn me away
From your door step
I am short in breath
Standing alone in mist,
I sacrificed everything.

Fill my cup
Embrace my existence,
We both know,
My clay won’t survive
After reunion.

I shall live beyond death
Without my clay,
I will kiss you earthy lips
Give me that sweet pain
Make a bed
inside my vast womb,
“All life is twain,
The one a frozen stream
The other a burning flame. “**

Embrace my spirit
Love me and burn my heart
In your sacred fire,
Enduring us,
Enduring God.

**From Khalil Gibran

© Serena Devi, December 2011