My childhood

Searching for my heart
Picking up pebbles
Hungry to understand
Why my childhood got lost.

Had I not fallen
In God’s arms
Would I able be recovered
From the lost paradise.

What a paradox
Life could be?!

are they angels or beasts?
Where is the territory
That hungry hearts
Seek to plant
Their borders
Inside beliefs,
Belief inn self
belief in things!

It came to me now,
After the sting of Scorpio king
Long after my death.

The rain falls
Across lands and oceans,
When I faced
my own failure
The darkness
made a healer of me.

Early colorful autumn leaves
on my dry skin
before larks fly away
through November winds,
the balm was
the awakening.

I say no more
Tomorrow sun
will give me back
my mended heart
cleared from venom.

The wind covers me
With new dreams.
I let go of
The Gods and shades,
Bring my soul to You,
Wash me
In transparency of morning,
As I all ever believed
Has gone.

In this silence
Stones fall out of motion,
And sea turns
Into circular waves.

What a paradox!!
To open our eyes
And fantasize of
what seems lacking
when the twilight sun
inside our heart
is all we need.

I am searching for my heart
Where the hills begin
Before the day break.
A million mirror
Turns their heads
The way,
We walk together,
Hand in hand.

So , after all
my childhood wasn’t wasted!
The return child could be
Full of innocence,
And her heart
The paradise,
She never left.

© Serena Devi, December 2011